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We are a community based organization serving all youths from the ages of 3 to 18. Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.

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The Boys and Girls Clubs are inclusive and welcome young people of all cultural, social and economic backgrounds. Clubs foster an appreciation of diversity in their work with children and youth.

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Damion, 16, has been playing on the Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle basketball team since the age of 10. “It was a good way to stay out of trouble and to find guidance” Damion says. Basketball rapidly became his favorite sport, and he clearly had talent. His coaches were very impressed by his performances. They videotaped him on the court and showed the footage to recruiters from a prep school in Mount Pleasant, Utah which has one of the top 25 basketball teams in the United States. Damion got in at only 15 years old.

Even though she readily admits her son is very mature and responsible, Damion’s mom Suzanne first resisted the whole idea of him moving out to Utah. “I said no many times” she recalls. “He had just turned 15 and I felt he still needed me. I was wondering, ‘who would take care of him over there?’ ”  But so many people were rooting for Damion, his brothers and sister, and his coaches that Susanne had to yield. She realized it was her son’s dream and she couldn’t stand in the way. As a single mom of four, working three jobs so her children would have everything they need, she values education. And she knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. “A 60 000$ a year scholarship to prep school and on to university, (Damion wants to go to Harvard and study biology), that’s what really convinced me” she says. She came to terms with it even though she had only two weeks to make a decision. And then she cried for a month.

On his part, Damion was homesick for the first few months and he confessed missing his mom’s cooking all the time! Only playing basketball made him forget. But it was also a growing experience. “Being away from home made me grow a lot, both mentally and physically”, he says. “I learned so much about myself and other people.

Attending the Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle for five years helped prepare Damion for that big transition. “Coming to the Club gave him structure and good guidance from the coach and the staff” says Suzanne. Damion agrees he loved to come here and play basketball, and he too credits his coach. “Coach Gibbs really had a way of, without, chasing us down, make everyone want to be here.”

“I felt very happy when he came here. It was good for his education and he stayed out of trouble. Registering them to the Boys and Girls Club was the best expense for my children’s sports” Damion’s mom says, “It is a good place to be”.

“Wait, isn’t that a slogan?” Damion asked, smiling. Yes it is. It’s ours.